Those who do not have a BU login name can communicate with Boston University Skype for Business users in a number of ways. First, anyone can use their own personal or professional Office 365 account to communicate with someone at BU via Lync. In addition, non-BU affiliates can communicate via instant messenger and audio, as described on the Lync and Skype Integration page; or they can join a Skype for Business meeting as a Guest, following the instructions below.

Important Notes:

  • These instructions were written for Windows users (Internet Explorer recommended) but will also be helpful on the Mac.
  • There’s no harm in joining a meeting early, so first-timers might want to begin this process several minutes in advance.
  • If you see: “An error occurred during the online meeting” follow these steps to gain access to the meeting:

1) Copy the “Join Online Meeting” URL from the meeting invite and paste it into a web browser.

2) Add “?sl=1″ (without quotes) to the end of that URL, and then press Enter. For example, the Online Meeting URL…/xxxxx, would become…xxxxx?sl=1 in the browser.

Setup Instructions:

1. Click on the Join Skype Meeting link provided in the meeting invitation, which will look something like this:

Join Skype For Business

2. Next, provide your name as a Guest, make sure that Install Skype For Business Web App plug-in is selected, and then Join the meeting.


3. Run (or Install) the plug-in and Allow if prompted.