If you want the full SharePoint 2007 functionality available only in Internet Explorer (IE) but prefer to use Firefox or Chrome, you can easily install a free browser extension that will use IE to display SharePoint pages in a tab inside your favorite browser. IE Tab 2 is available for Firefox, and IE Tab for Chrome. Both require a Windows-based PC with IE installed.

Browsers other than IE allow you to log in and view, upload, and download files with basic functionality, but only IE allows you to edit files directly from the browser, upload multiple files, open a document library in Windows Explorer, or edit a library or list in datasheet mode. By installing the appropriate IE Tab extension, you can add that functionality to Firefox or Chrome.

Download IE Tab 2 for Firefox or IE Tab for Chrome from the introductory page. After you’ve installed the extension:

  • For Chrome: Read the brief FAQ to learn how to configure IE Tab for Chrome, or
  • If you’re using IE Tab 2 for Firefox:
    • Hover your mouse pointer over the small Firefox icon now visible in the Add-in bar at the very bottom of your browser to view instructions.
    • Right click on the icon to open the IE Tab 2 Options configuration panel.
    • Alternatively, you can get to the Options panel from the Firefox drop-down menu>Add-ons>Extensions>IE Tab 2>Options.

Configure either extension to use IE for the following:

  • https://share.bu.edu/*

Then, whenever you visit a page on SharePoint, your normal browser will use the actual IE browser already installed on your PC to display the page in a tab. Of course, you can also configure the extension to display any other pages for which you’d like to use IE.