Quick Start

Available to: Students, Faculty, Researchers, Staff, Departments

Cost: No charge

A BU Google Site is an easy way to create and share information online. You can open your site to be viewed by the entire world, or limit access to those you specify. Because it is hosted as a component of BU Google Apps, a BU Google Site gives you access to many additional tools, such as BU Google Mail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive–all from www.bu.edu/google.


You and your colleagues can work together to edit documents and pages online. Store all your information in a single location to make working together as easy as editing a file on your own computer. You control who can change your site, whether it’s just yourself, your whole team, or all of BU.

Key Features

  • Easy page creation – Create a new page with just a few clicks of the mouse – without writing any code.
  • No need for a separate account – Access BU Google Sites with your BU login and Kerberos password.
  • Access restriction – Easily control who can view or edit your information.
  • Customizable look and feel – Change the appearance of your site by selecting a pre-made template from the Google Sites template gallery – or create your own.

What to Expect

This service is provided, and availability determined, by Google. Check the Google Apps Dashboard for the status of all Google Services.



Getting Started

Follow our instructions for creating a Google Apps account.  Once your account is ready, you can login and begin using your Google Site at http://www.bu.edu/google/sites. Need assistance? Get Help with Google Sites.