Quick Start

Available to: Students, Faculty, Researchers, Staff, Alumni, New/Incoming Students, Guests; Departments may create Google+ pages, but they are outside of the bu.edu domain

Cost: No charge

Google+ is an optional feature of the BU Google Apps suite of services that provides social media, chat, and video conference capabilities. The service is integrated with the other BU Google Apps features (Mail, Drive, Groups, Sites, Calendar); you must enable BU Google Apps before activating Google+.


Google+ is known for its video conference capability called Hangouts, which allow voice and video chats for up to 15 users. This could be helpful for study groups, teams, and organizations.

Key Features

  • Social Media features
    • Profile – picture and interests
    • Circles – friends and colleagues can be grouped in circles; you can choose to share or restrict access to information with different circles
    • Communities – public groups that you can join or follow
    • Photos – store photos online and share with circles or communities
  • Chat, voice, and video conferences

What to Expect

This service is provided, and availability determined, by Google. Check the Google Apps Dashboard for the status of all Google Services.


  • You must have a BU login name and Kerberos password and acknowledge BU Information Security Policies and Social Media Guidelines
  • You must enable BU Google Apps before activating Google+
  • Boston University provides you with access to Google Apps using your BU login name and password. While Google’s Core Services (Mail, Drive, Sites, and Calendar) provide additional privacy and security under an agreement between Boston University and Google, Google+ is provided by Google under its Consumer Terms of Service. Please be sure to read the Google Consumer Terms of Service, which is an agreement between you and Google.

Getting Started

  • You must enable BU Google Apps before activating Google+.
  • Policy information and instructions for setting up your profile and creating Circles are provided on the page “About Google+.”
  • For certain Hangouts features, you may need to download the app for your device from Google Play for Android and Windows or from the Apple Store for iOS.