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Available to: Faculty, Researchers, Staff, Departments

Cost: See cost details, below.

We offer webcasting services so you can share live video on the Web. Broadcasts are shared through streaming media, so many people can view the webcast at the same time. You can pay for us to webcast for you, or we can provide advice and space on the server for you to do it yourself.


Webcasts allow you to reach a worldwide audience by broadcasting an event in real-time and by making the broadcast available online after the event.

Key Features

  • Live and archived viewing – Broadcast your event live and have it archived for viewing after the event.
  • Widely supported format – Stream media using the popular Flash Video technology – more than 95% of people on the Web can view this video type.
  • Preparation assistance – We can help you prepare for the event and conduct the live webcast.


  • You need a broadband Internet connection at the event and a web page to host the webcast.
  • You need production services for video and sound. We provide these services at cost. You can choose an alternate provider, if they can provide video and audio to an encoding system.


  • $200 base cost plus $100 per hour or partial hour of event during business hours, or
  • $300 base cost plus $150 per hour or partial hour of event during non-business hours

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