Reporting and Analytics services provide the infrastructure and associated consulting assistance to provide institutional information required by departments. These services can be provided centrally or, more typically, organizational units and departments can leverage application level reporting , datamarts (data warehouse), and/or provided tools to view information in formats suitable to their needs. Reporting interfaces and Business Intelligence tools and services for the enterprise and for individual business units are supported within the scope, source, and content of the data made available. Data availability is subject to standing agreements with defined Data Trustees (data owners), Information Security, application and/or managed database content, and various entities that may be involved from an ownership or administrative perspective. Such entities may include business units and central offices, administrative groups, and teams that span IS&T.

Reporting & Analytics services improve the quality of planning and business decisions by optimizing the delivery and analysis of pertinent information. The quality and usability of this information is enhanced by expert advice on issues such as data availability, reporting capabilities and report design, project development and implementation, and training.

  • Dashboard & Data Visualization Services provides self-service tools and dashboard/visualization development and consultation to promote the use of Business Intelligence (BI) analysis and data-driven decision-making across Boston University. ... more »

  • Development & Alumni Reporting has an informational focus on alumni contributions, campaigns, fundraising programs, and trend analysis.... more »

  • The SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) is the primary reporting platform for financial, human resources, and procurement SAP source systems.... more »

  • Consolidated reporting of Grants Management SAP components and functionality.... more »

  • Other Reporting services include self-service business intelligence development, query development, and the support of other reporting needs. Many requests for reporting assistance come from schools & colleges where the delivery of the reporting service may vary based on the request. Examples are self-service reporting for Housing, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) for Engineering and Law, and various mainframe reporting.... more »

  • Retired System Data Archive (RSDA) grants specific data storage and access solutions for historic data copied from applications or data sources that have been (or will soon be) decommissioned. This provides accessible and organized data content, with supporting data element/attribute documentation and data access controls, to approved users for historical reference or reporting purposes. ... more »

  • Student Information Reporting (also known as the Academic Data Warehouse (ADW)) is a business intelligence application which enables analysis of undergraduate, graduate, and professional student recruitment, admissions, registration, course, and retention data.... more »