If you perform administrative functions through either a UIS GALAXY system task or through a web function such as the Business Link or Faculty/Staff Link, you need an account on the mainframe computer.


  • Boston University ID number (UID)
  • Authentication token or DUO

Getting Started

You can obtain a mainframe account through your Departmental Security Administrator (DSA). Your DSA will ask you for certain information, including your Boston University ID number (UID), office telephone number, supervisor’s name, and unit/department code. The DSA will also give you an authentication token. This small device is associated only with your mainframe account and is required each time you log on, so it should be kept in a secure but convenient place. After your account has been created, your DSA will ask you to sign an online UIS Non-Disclosure Agreement, which is a contract between you and Boston University. Please read it carefully. Failure to sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement will result in suspension of your mainframe account.