Updates to Firefox that took place after version 15 can cause features of SAP to stop working. If you notice this problem, it is recommended that you use Internet Explorer instead. Alternatively, you can downgrade to Firefox 15, using the instructions below. If you do opt to downgrade to Firefox 15, please open this instruction page in Internet Explorer now so you will have the required steps available after Firefox is uninstalled.

1.    Download Firefox 15 from https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/releases/15.0.1/win32/en-US/Firefox%20Setup%2015.0.1.exe

2.    Select Save File. (Save to the Desktop, if possible, so the file will be easier to find.)

3.    Exit Firefox

4.    Navigate to the Windows Control Panel

5.    Select Programs and Features

6.    Highlight Mozilla Firefox and select Uninstall

7.    Click Next

8.    Click Uninstall

9.    Click Finish

10.  Find the Firefox 15 installer that you downloaded in the first step. It will probably be either on your Desktop or in your Downloads folder.

11. If prompted, select Run

12. Click Next

13. Click Next, ensuring that “Standard” is selected

14. Click Install

15. Click Finish

16. Select Options from the Tools menu

17. Select the Advanced tab

18. Select Update

19. Select Never check for updates