Quick Start

Available to: Staff, Departments – Development & Alumni Relations staff, other staff specifically granted access

Cost: No charge

Blackbaud eCRM (or BBEC) is a database system that allows the University’s Office of Development and Alumni Relations (DAR) to coordinate, manage, and report on their fundraising activities. The system is an alumni CRM (Constituent Relationship Management) system that integrates information from multiple departments along with University-wide data on a single system. The BBEC system is designed to improve business efficiency and allow for better linkages to other University systems and projects, such as the finance system and BUworks. The system is designed to support better management of alumni, prospect, and donor relations, as well as University funds. BBEC is part of the DARWIN (Development and Alumni Relations Web-based Information Network) program.


DARWIN incorporates a vast amount of data related to constituents, eliminating the need to use external systems to create processes and reports. The elimination of manual processes and external systems, as well as improvements in efficiency, allow DAR to be more proactive and perform more sophisticated fundraising and prospect management. DARWIN stores more than just alumni information; it also include information on prospects, donors, individuals, companies, and organizations with an interest in BU.

Key Features

  • Provides a 360-degree view of constituents (biographical data, contacts, relationships, revenue, education history and involvement, scholarship recipients, fund contacts, prospect management, wealth and ratings, events, memberships, and more)
  • Tracks constituent-related affinity and interest information
  • Maintains constituent-provided communication preferences
  • Provides a full listing of all appeals, receipts, acknowledgements, event invitations, newsletters, development and other communications, displaying all touch points a constituent has with the University
  • Offers an integrated location for Prospect Mangers to track contacts, notes, fundraising plans and strategies, solicitation opportunities, prospect teams, prospect stages, and a number of other key performance indicators
  • Helps Stewardship and Donor Relations (SDR) track and plan for anniversaries, birthdays, and other celebrations; include donors in stewardship events and meetings with faculty or staff; and provide reports and updates on endowments and scholarships
  • Facilitates recognition programs through which the University, as well as individual schools and units, can recognize donors for annual, capital, planned, and campaign gifts


  • BU login name and Kerberos password, and
  • Specific grant of access by DAR Information Services

Getting Started

Staff may request access to the system by contacting DAR Information Services via email at darit@bu.edu or telephone at 617-353-9513.