Quick Start

Available to: Students

Cost: No charge

Vending Services offers students living in the residences the opportunity to rent and request service for a MicroFridge, television, or safe for their room. IS&T develops and supports systems that offer students access to related functions through the Student Link and  administrators access through dedicated interfaces on the Business Link. Functions supported by these systems include online appliance rental, requests for service, inventory tracking, etc.


Self-service reduces administrative overhead and allows students to rent appliances through the Student Link. Exposure of interfaces on the Web allows for convenient access around the clock. The administrative systems support the accurate and timely processing of all Vending Services related transactions. The System is extensible to include other types of appliances as the student’s needs change.

Key Features

  • Self-service for students through the Student Link
  • Web interface for many administrative functions and tasks on the Business Link


  • Vending Services determines eligibility and service levels
  • Students need access to the Student Link

Getting Started