Quick Start

Available to: Students, Departments

Cost: No charge

BU Housing & Dining are supported by a collection of services enabling students to interact with systems regarding their housing preferences, Convenience Points, and other related matters. Administrators are supported by a wide variety of tasks through the Business Link and GALAXY.

GALAXY enables staff to view, manage, and extract business information which supports the University enterprise. The range of services spans all business processes provided by central administration. These include student, financial, employment, alumni, and other business information. Each client’s menu is based on individual job function, and access to services is controlled by the business office responsible for the service.

For BU Housing & Dining these functions include room selection, meal plans, Convenience Points, door access, space management, etc.


Students and parents can purchase Convenience Point online, complete new and continuing student housing applications, and gain access to Housing Reservations and other functions through the StudentLink. The administrative interfaces available through the Business Link and GALAXY allow BU Housing to process all housing related transactions efficiently.

Key Features

  • Student self-service for housing choices, Convenience Points, etc.
  • Two-tiered security for administrative access


  • Self-service for students requires access through the StudentLink
  • Administrative access requires BFID (Business Function ID), SecurID (for GALAXY), DUO (for Business Link) and proper permits and value security

Getting Started

  • Students should visit the StudentLink for Housing-related functions.
  • For administrative functions, staff should visit the Business Link or log into GALAXY.
  • Contact us to request new administrative functionality.