Auxiliary systems support Parking & Transportation Services on the Charles River Campus; the Fitness and Recreation Center; the Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance departments; Housing; and Vending. These systems are centrally managed and are accessible on the Web through the Business Link and through GALAXY, allowing staff to view, manage, and extract the business information they need. Each person’s menu is based on  job function, and access to services is controlled by the business office responsible for the service. Students may access services through the Student Link. Researchers, faculty, and staff may access services via the ESS tab of the BUworks central portal.

  • The Fitness and Recreation Center and the Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance departments are supported by a suite of services — some designed for use by clients, others for administrative use. These services facilitate membership self-enrollment for affiliates and their families, class selection, billing, etc.... more »

  • BU Housing & Dining are supported by a collection of services enabling students to interact with systems regarding their housing, Convenience Points, and other related matters.... more »

  • Charles River Parking & Transportation Services supports the purchase and distribution of MBTA passes and the issue of BU Charles River Campus parking permits to various constituencies.It also supports the purchase and distribution of MBTA passes for the Medical Campus.... more »

  • Vending Services provides self-service functionality for students living in the residences seeking to rent or request service for a MicroFridge, television, or safe for their room.... more »