When I browse to my website on people.bu.edu, I am automatically redirected to my listing in the BU Electronic Directory. Why?

There are two possible reasons why this would occur.

  1. You have not applied for a people.bu.edu account yet. Students, faculty and staff are not automatically given websites on people.bu.edu. Note that the web address to your individual site on people.bu.edu would end in your BU login name. If your BU login name is janedoe, for instance, your people.bu.edu web address would read as follows: http://people.bu.edu/janedoe/. If you browse to that address before applying for an account on people.bu.edu, you will be automatically redirected to your listing in the BU Electronic Directory.
  2. You have removed your home page listing in the BU Electronic Directory. Add your people.bu.edu site to your BU Electronic Directory listing via the following steps:
    1. Browse to the BU Electronic Directory.
    2. Click on Change Your Entry.
    3. Scroll down, and click on Log in to the BU Electronic Directory.
    4. Log in with your BU login name and Kerberos password.
    5. Under Account Info in red, in the second text box, labeled “Home_page: (max 80 characters – web page location),” enter the following:http://people.bu.edu/login/, replacing “login” with your BU login name.
    6. Scroll down, and click Update Listing. Then click Confirm Update.
    7. Try browsing to your site on people.bu.edu in a web browser.