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Equipment Pricing

Equipment and labor charges are only presented as a guideline for the client. Written estimates are available upon receipt of the requisition for services. General estimates are available  from  Media Support Services (617-353-6875; fax 617-353-6154). Prices are subject to change without notice. Please call to inquire regarding additions to the equipment listing.

The following prices apply to all Boston University faculty, staff, and affiliates. Non-Boston University requests will be charged a rate 20 percent above current prices plus Massachusetts sales tax (5%) pending availability of equipment and staff.

Video Projection Package (Playback or computer display) Daily Price (Labor not included)
Video projection package for classrooms and auditoriums (where available) includes video playback, source (VHS, DVD, Laserdisc etc.), projector, and speaker or sound system interface. $150.00
Please note! Above items require a technician’s support. We do not supply computers.
Other Packages Daily Price
Video playback package (VHS, Laserdisc, DVD). Includes color monitor, videocassette or laserdisc / DVD player, cart, delivery, and pick-up. $95.00
$55.00 (half day)
Auditorium sound system with (1) microphone $30.00
Portable sound system with (1) microphone $50.00
Equipment Daily Price
1/2″ VHS player / DVD player $22.00
Blu-Ray / DVD player $50.00
27″ color monitor / receiver $35.00
42″ color LCD monitor / receiver (Limited Availability) $70.00
Industrial cassette recorder with built-in microphone $10.00
Professional cassette recorder (Marantz ENG-style) $20.00
Professional solid state recorder (mp3) $30.00
CD player $25.00
Record player $7.00
High quality microphone (hand held or lavaliere) $12.00
Wireless microphone system (hand held or lavaliere) $50.00
Crown PZM special application microphone $17.00
Table top sound lecternette $22.00
Standing sound lecternette $27.00
6-channel audio mixer (Shure M267) $20.00
Multi-channel mixer (Shure Intellimix 20 channel) $50.00
Audio distribution amplifier $15.00
Power amplifier $50.00
Multi-Box (press feed distribution) $50.00
High quality speakers (pair) $50.00
Slide Projector $17.00
Slide Projector / high intensity $50.00
Special projection lenses $7.00
Wireless slide remote control $20.00
Slide tray $2.00
25 ft. slide projector remote extension cord $20.00
Overhead projector with acetate roll $15.00
Overhead transparency acetate roll $5.00
6 ft. projection screen $8.00
8 ft. projection screen $20.00
Laser pointer $20.00
Microphone stand $5.00
Projection / video cart $5.00
25 ft. AC extension cord $5.00
Labor (Effective 07-01-04) Regular/Hour OT/Hour
Category I
Delivery, set-up, and pick-up of equipment
$17.00 $25.50
Category II
Projection / video / audio operator
$26.00 $39.00
Category III
Sound mixing and editing
$27.00 $40.50
Category IV
Technical / Event planning and consulting
$42.00 n/a