The Knowledge Base within ServiceNow contains hundreds of articles that are available to use as a resource when you are assisting clients, or even when you’re simply trying to research something. To learn more, please review the information provided below. Also note that additional information to enhance the topics below is outlined by ServiceNow at

How should I search the Knowledge Base?

There are two ways to search the Knowledge Base.

Option 1)

Use the Search field (available in the top right corner of ServiceNow) to pull articles on a specific topic. Simply put in a key word or phrase (e.g. “wireless” or “guest account”) and hit Enter. Then scroll down to see your search results.


Option 2)

Use the “Notebook icon” when you are in an open ticket.


This kind of search will take the subject of your ticket, search on it, and provide all applicable results. NOTE: In many cases, you will want to modify the Search field so the search term is shorter and more specific than the subject of the ticket – then do the search again, as shown below.


Once you have the list of results, you can modify the sort order so that, for example, newer articles sort to the top.