CHG012803 – Maintenance Release & Knowledge Base Enhancements

  • Update and shorten notifications.
  • Record date and time of ticket resolution in a distinct field.
  • Count number of times a ticket is changed from Resolved to New, Unassigned, Assigned, or On Hold.
  • Break the email looping behavior caused by communications with other auto-response systems.
  • ServiceNow is recommending a security patch be applied as soon as possible.
  • Sys. IDs added to Internal Watch List will be properly separated and displayed as user’s name.
  • Generate a new ticket when clients respond to a ticket that has been closed.
  • Prevent changes from Closed to other states.
  • Knowledge Base Enhancements
    • Knowledge icon (book) shows on all Short Description fields to improve access and search capabilities.
    • Short Description & Client Facing fields display on the initial Knowledge submission form.
    • Remove Meta field from all Knowledge forms.
    • Remove Cause/Details section from the submission template.
    • Change “Problems/Symptoms” to “Problems/Question/Information” on the submission template.
    • Modify knowledge topics and categories to be more useful and remove Service Catalog duplication.

CHG012137 – Maintenance Release

  • Email received with a CC was sent to the Service Desk as opposed to running the translation table. This is now resolved; all email obeys the translation tables.
  • Tickets no longer automatically close when in the Resolved / Pending Client state. Only tickets which are set to Resolved / Client Confirmed automatically close after 5 days.
  • Some updates sent by a client initiated an email to the client indicating that the ticket was updated. This redundancy was corrected. Email updates from the client are only sent to the assignee and members on Watch Lists.
  • When a ticket is submitted by an ITIL user via email, the ticket now assigns according to the translation tables rather than defaulting to the ITIL user’s primary group.
  • Changed the notifications for ResNet tickets.

CHG012136 – ResNet Enhancement

Functionality added to ServiceNow to support activities performed by the Service Desk, Desktop Support, and Network Services during Move-in weekend, when new students arrive on campus and need help getting connected to the BU network.

  • Service Desk and Desktop Services employees have a new section of their left nav called “ResNet.”
    They are able to create tickets specific to ResNet, capturing all information needed to assist in resolving tickets — including students’ building, room, and jack location; students’ computer hardware/software; and student contact information — in a ResNet view of the ticket. This view is available only to Service Desk and Desktop Services employees, as it is assigned to a new ResNet role.
  • ResNet tickets are Restricted. Only individuals in SD, DS and NSG can view these tickets.
    ResNet tickets are highlighted purple in lists. In addition to Service Desk and Desktop Services employees, everyone in Network Systems can view these tickets, and they will view the ticket as normal, so location information will still be in the Location tab. Additionally, the Manage Ticket tab has new fields: ResNet and Group. ResNet tickets will have both of these fields (along with the Restricted field) checked off.
  • All ServiceNow ITIL users (not just those with the ResNet functionality) will now have a new format to the Building field.
    When you search for Building you use either the street address, e.g., 277 Babcock, or the name of the building, e.g., Sleeper. When you select the building, the Building field format will now be Building Address – Building Name, e.g., 595 Commonwealth Ave – School of Management.

CHG011731 – Urgent Post-launch Enhancements and Bug Fixes – 06/19/2011

  • Email field ensures input is a valid email address.
  • Desktop Service claim notifications don’t send if a ticket is closed.
  • Users listed on the Internal Watch List now have read access to the ticket.
  • Out of office responses will not create new tickets.
  • Email sent to multiple addresses, including a ServiceNow support address, now translate properly.
  • Add 6 fields to Manage Ticket tab: Request Start Date and Request End Date, Planned Start Date and Planned End Date, and Actual Start Date and Actual End Date.
  • Correct translation from non-TechWeb Telegraph forms: Forms submitted from forms outside of Telegraph now show a more helpful Short description.
  • Partner Service Desk views and assignment fixes.
  • When an internal note is added to the ticket a notification is sent to the assignee and the Internal Watch List.
  • Knowledge base submissions now use the proper template.
  • Remove temporary fields from knowledge base articles.
  • Start calculating time in which a ticket is “On Hold.”
  • Change the name of the Public Watch List from “Watch List.”
  • Mark as SPAM and Mark as Duplicate will now close a ticket instead of resolve it.
  • Add a Mark as Test option similar to Mark as SPAM and Mark as Duplicate.
  • Add Client Office Address to notifications and to the Incident form.
  • Desktop Services notifications contain the guest client email address.
  • Text of client replies sent to assignee and Internal Watch List in a notification.
  • When a resolved ticket is updated by the client, the Status is switched back to Assigned or Unassigned.
  • Reformat notifications to move the group’s signature.
  • Stop sending an update notification to clients after they reply to a ticket.
  • Add Date Opened field on the My Tickets page.
  • Include Closed tickets on the My Tickets page.
  • Repair IT Help Center student restrictions.

CHG011728 – Urgent Post-launch Enhancements and Bug Fixes – 06/14/2011

  • Show BU login name on the Incident form.
  • Remove the satisfaction survey link from final notification sent to Guest clients. The survey is not accessible without a BU login name and Kerberos password.
  • Email field is required to save or update an Incident.
  • Remove SLA related list tab from the Incident form.
  • Left navigation language is now consistent with the rest of the application: changed “My Groups work” to “My group’s work.”
  • Incident/Service Requests will now only close after 5 days if the Resolution Status is set to Client Confirmed.
  • Individuals on the internal watch list are notified when the internal notes field is updated.
  • Resolution notes are no longer sent in the Resolved / Client Confirmed notification.
  • A notification is now sent to the Incident/Service Request assignee and the Internal Watch List when a client responds to a ticket via email or the My Tickets page.

CHG011668 - Emergency Post-launch Enhancements and Bug Fixes – 06/08/2011

  • Remove View Count from the Activity Log.
  • Fix several issues related to internal and external partners not being able to view tickets assigned to them and submitted from their group.
  • Remove Merge Ticket field.

CHG011517 – Emergency Post-launch Enhancements and Bug Fixes – 06/01/2011

  • Remove the extra listings of ticket View Counts.
  • Complete SLA scheduling.
  • Change incident link text in assignment notifications.

CHG011516 – Emergency Post-launch Enhancements and Bug Fixes – 05/31/2011

  • Change the Status fields in lists under Overview & Preferences to show INC statuses as well as CHG statuses.
  • Add buttons to quickly resolve SPAM and duplicate tickets.
  • Enhance incident tasks: show parent INC number, add an Internal notes field, allow assignment to an individual, and proper status designations.
  • Change the Email field under Client Details when the client on the ticket is changed.
  • Correctly assign tickets submitted via email from ITIL users.
  • Update KB submission script to include more complete information in the resulting article submission.
  • Hide the gear icon in the client ESS.
  • Add the Signature icon to Reply to Client.
  • Create a business hours schedule to begin proper SLA timing.

CHG011436 – Emergency Post-launch Enhancements and Bug Fixes – 05/26/2011

  • Allow ITIL users to edit a ticket for which they are the client.
  • Fix the client view of incidents.
  • Change the Client communication field back to Work notes for RFCs.
  • Fix forwarded email.
  • Show Email field when creating tickets to accomodate guest clients.
  • Add blocked addresses such as postmaster@ and mailer-daemon@.

CHG011431 – Emergency Post-launch Enhancements and Bug Fixes – 05/25/2011

  • Separate View Counts from Internal Notes in the ticket’s Activity Log.
  • Prevent forwarded email from creating two new tickets.
  • Stop notifications from being sent if a ticket is marked as SPAM, Cancelled, or Duplicate.
  • Add an Office field to the client form.

CHG011393 – Emergency Post-launch Bug Fixes – 05/24/2011

  • Prevent incidents from guest email addresses similar to BU login names from reassigning the client. Example: would change the client to “Mascot, Rhett” because that client’s BU login name is rhettm.
  • Allow ITIL users to edit a ticket on which they are the client.

CHG011247 – ServiceNow Incident Management Launch – 05/22/2011

  • Release all of Incident Management in production.
  • Direct all support streams to ServiceNow.