These are the general steps to updating a ServiceNow ticket.

  1. Open a ticket you would like to update by either searching for the INC number in the upper-right search box or by navigating to the ticket using the appropriate list.
  2. Make any needed changes while making note of both empty required fields (designated by a red bar to the left of the name) and these important fields and buttons:
    • Assign to me: Assigns a ticket to the logged in individual in a single click.
    • Assignment group: Change the value of this field to send a ticket to a more appropriate support group. It is good practice to add an Internal note to describe why a ticket is being reassigned when assigning a ticket to a new group.
    • Assigned to: Add or change a name to assign a ticket directly to an individual in your own group.
    • Description: The full description of the issue entered at ticket creation.
    • Internal notes: Record any work done or out-of-ServiceNow communication here.
    • Client communication (in the Activity tab): Anything typed into this field will be sent to the client upon clicking Update or Save.
  3. Click Update or Save. The ticket will be updated and anything entered into the Client communication field will be sent to the client.
    • Update will save the ticket and return you to the screen from which you entered the ticket.
    • Save will save the ticket and remain on the ticket form.