You can create a filter that controls which tickets you are seeing. For example, to create a filtered view in which Resolved or Closed tickets do not appear, you have the following three options:

Group by Status:

  1. Open your list view
  2. Right-click on the Status column header and select Group By Status

Filter out an individual Status:

  1. Open your list view
  2. Find an Incident with a Status you would like removed
  3. Right-click on the Status cell and select Filter Out

Create a reusable filter:

  1. Open your list view
  2. Click on the arrow next to the blue filter breadcrumbs (usually starts with “All” and ends with “Active = true”) to expose the filtering interface, as shown.pivot
  3. Add an additional condition using the And button (a green plus sign) to the right of Save Filter.
  4. From the first drop-down menu of your new condition, select Status(incident_state).
  5. From the middle drop-down, choose is not one of.
  6. In the large selection box that should now be available, select both Resolved and Closed while holding cmd or ctrl.ResolvedandClosed
  7. Click on the Save Filter button and name your new filter.

To apply the saved filter:

  1. Open your list view
  2. Click on the down-pointing arrow next to the table name (in this case, it is Incident/Service Request).
  3. Select Filters and then choose whatever your filter is named.