1. Open the ticket
  2. On the top  menu bar (where you see Incident/Service Request on the left hand side of the bar) do a right click to up a drop down box.  Within this box you will see a few options including ‘Close SPAM’ and ‘Close DUPLICATE.’
  3. Click on Close DUPLICATE.
  4. The ticket status will change to ‘Resolved’
  5. In the Resolve Ticket tab, you will see that the Resolution Code is DUPLICATE and the resolution notes state ‘DUPLICATE Ticket’ .
  6. Below the Resolution Code field is a field labeled ‘Duplicate Ticket’.  Click on the icon to find and select the duplicate ticket that corresponds to the one you are closing.
  7. No notification will go out to the “client” from which this ticket originated.
  8. This ticket will be flagged as not reportable, by a hidden field on the form. This field is “DNR” and if marked as true, it denotes the ticket should not be included in reporting. When creating reports, be sure to include this DNR field to ensure these incidents are/are not captured, as desired