If you have just been hired to work as an IT Help Center Student Client Support Specialist, congratulations! This page explains some of the things that will happen between now and the time you first start work.


There is a small amount of paperwork that you must complete before you begin working at the IT Help Center. We will ask you to print and fill out some of the following forms and then return them to Linda.

  1. The Information Services & Technology Hiring Short Form is required for everyone who works at the IT Help Center.
  2. If this is your first job at BU and you are a US citizen or permanent resident, you will need to come in with some specific forms of ID and fill out the I-9 form. The form itself tells you (on the last page) what types of ID you will need. Note that you should only fill out Section One of this form — the IT Help Center staff will fill out Section Two.Note: If you are an International Student, please read this important information (PDF), and file your I-9 with the ISSO rather than with the IT Help Center staff. You can then bring us the form the ISSO will give you.
  3. If you’d like direct deposit of your paycheck, you can authorize it on the Student Link.
  4. If you haven’t filled out a tax withholding form recently, you may want to give us an updated W-4 form.
  5. Starting in March 2006, the IT Help Center will require all new hires to complete a FERPA form. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act is a federal law that guarantees the confidentiality of a student’s records. For more information on FERPA visit the Student Employment Office website.
  6. When to Work Consent Form. The IT Help Center uses a scheduling program called When to Work. This program sometimes generates automated messages that you may find useful. In order to store your email address on their servers, we need you to sign this consent form.

Please feel free to contact Linda if you have questions about any of these forms.

Other forms
That’s all we need to hire you. However, if you find you need any additional payroll forms during your time at the IT Help Center, the SEO website is the place to look.

Your Start Date and Your Schedule

Kenny Burns (burns@bu.edu) does the scheduling for the IT Help Center Student Support Specialists and if you have any questions about your start date or the hours you will be working, please contact him.

Our Mail Alias

Shortly before you start work at the IT Help Center, we will add your email address to the IT Help Center student and staff mail alias. We use this alias to communicate with all the IT Help Center Student Support Specialists, and other IT Help Center students may use it to communicate with you, so please try to read your mail regularly.

The IT Help Center Intranet

The IT Help Center has an Intranet at www.bu.edu/techinternal/. When you start work, you will be added to the access list — simply enter your BU login name and password when prompted. Here you will find a number of IT Help Center internal documents, including contact lists, referral policies, and tips.

The IT Help Center Student Consultant Handbook

The IT Help Center Student Consultant Handbook, found on the IT Help Center Intranet, is designed to address many of your questions about working at the IT Help Center. We recommend you at least skim through the handbook before you begin work. Please plan to read all the way through the handbook sometime in the first week after you start work. The handbook also includes important information on using our ET program so you can enter hours and get paid — please be sure that you understand this section!

IT Help Center Staff and Student Consultants

The IT Help Center includes staff members in many different locations. We have a list of the IT Help Center staff. You can always call, IM or email us if you need help or backup. You will also be working with a number of other Student Support Specialists and staff Client Support Specialists. On the intranet you will find more detailed information about your co-workers, including photos and contact information.


If you have any questions about your work at the IT Help Center, please feel free to talk to any of the IT Help Center staff. We look forward to working with you!