Scope and Responsibilities

To develop and continuously improve key performance indicators for the assessment of Boston University excellence and opportunities for development in areas of strategic focus. Prioritize and align data governance efforts accordingly. Prioritize projects and initiatives leveraging new analytical approaches and/or data sources.


  • Tracy Schroeder, Vice President & Chief Data Officer, IS&T


  • Linette Decarie, Assistant Vice President, Analytical Services & Institutional Research, IS&T
  • Lauren Himml, Data Governance Program Manager,¬†Analytical Services & Institutional Research, IS&T


  • Gillian Emmons, Associate Vice President and University Comptroller, CFO & Treasurer
  • Derek Howe, Vice President, Budget & Capital Planning, OPS
  • Daniel Kleinman, Associate Provost for Graduate Affairs, Provost
  • Christine McGuire, Vice President & Associate Provost, ENSA
  • Maureen O’Rourke, Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs, Provost
  • Andy Soares, Associate VP, Internal Audit & Advisory Services
  • Gloria Waters, Vice President & Associate Provost for Research, Research
  • Crystal Williams, Associate Provost for Diversity & Inclusion