Scope and Responsibilities

This committee oversees policies, procedures, and technologies to ensure the security, integrity and availability of BU data and systems, as well as compliance with applicable regulations.


Kara Kearny, Associate Director, Internal Audit Office

Christy Talley, Associate General Counsel


Quinn Shamblin, Executive Director of Information Security.  Additional IS&T staff as needed.


5-8 representatives from major administrative service areas

  • Matt Abrams, Director of Accounts Payable & Payroll
  • Shaun Bossio, Manager, Business, P E R D Administration
  • Maria Canellos, Director, Systems, Human Resources
  • Kaci Foster, Director of Research Operations, Systems and Analytics
  • Rebecca Ginzburg, Associate General Counsel
  • Eric Jacobsen, Information Security Architect
  • Tom Robbins, Chief of Police, BUPD

5-9 representatives from schools and colleges, including the medical campus

  • Christine Chaisson, Data Coordinating Ctr, BUMC
  • Brian Gerdon, Information Security Analyst, BUMC
  • Sharon Goldberg, Assistant Professor, Computer Science
  • Steven Homer, Professor, Computer Science
  • John Meyers, BUMC DOM
  • Justin Ren, Associate Professor, SMG Operations & Technology Management
  • Ari Trachtenberg, Associate Professor, Computer Science, CAS
  • Daniel Wieland, Senior Specialist, Emergency Management

1-2 students

  • Dustin Vandenberg – CAS

Meeting Minutes