One remaining issue with BUworks in IE (Internet Explorer) as of 1/4/19

As of the date of this update (1/4/19) only one known issue remains relating to IE that arose with the Support Pack Update occurring on 12/9/18. We continue to work with SAP to look for a potential solution, but there is low probability that we will find one in the short term.

MSS “On behalf of” Employee Services, manager attempts to enter time sheet on behalf of an employee Short dump – Error message: 500 Internal ServerĀ Error

Microsoft continues to phase out the IE browser (Microsoft has been releasing only security patches for IE since 2016). We encourage users of BUworks services to use Chrome and Firefox browsers, which are more thoroughly tested and are fully supported by SAP.

For help or assistance anytime, please contact the IT Help Center by sending an email to or calling 617-353-HELP (4357).