Resolved: Firefox 52 – SAP problem with dropdowns

Update 12/28/17

This issue has been resolved with the system update completed on 12/28/17. 

The latest version of Firefox, 52, does not return items from dropdown boxes when you click on them in the BUworks Central portal.

The best work around appears to be when you open a dropdown box, switch to the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate to your selection.  Then press the enter key. 

Update 12/15/17

This issue will be fixed with the SAP upgrade at end of December.  The dropdown boxes in Firefox will be working correctly as of December 29th, 2017.

We appreciate your patience with this issue resolution!

Update 6/15/17:

Firefox has updated its ESR (Extended Support Release) this week to be version 52.  All clients who are subscribed to the ESR channel (our recommended approach if you are a Firefox user) will shortly be upgraded to that version.  The dropdown problem will persist for all Firefox users from version 52 onward.

SAP has provided a fix, but the required testing will be done in conjunction with our major upgrade to BUworks which is currently targeted for the end of the year.

For help or assistance anytime, please contact the IT Help Center by sending an email to or calling 617-353-HELP (4357).