Adobe security alert and related password changes

As described on their website, Adobe was recently the victim of an attack from which over 153 million accounts, passwords and password hints were exposed. IS&T’s Information Security team has analyzed the information that was made public and found that over 9000 of the Adobe accounts belong to users who signed up with a Boston University email address.

If you have ever created an account with Adobe to download or register any of their products, please:

  • Change your Adobe password immediately!
  • Change the password of any account on which you happen to use that same password
  • Change your BU Kerberos password at if you have not done so since October 1. Note that you will also need to establish the new password in any computer or device settings in which it has been saved.

To keep yourself safe in the future, it’s best to avoid using the same password for multiple accounts. Also, you should use a password manager to store each unique password and keep them all safe.

If you need any assistance or are concerned about the security of your BU Kerberos password, please contact the IT Help Center at (617) 353-HELP or write to