New version of the VPN client – will update automatically on Aug 27

On August 27, 2013, IS&T will release an upgrade of the Cisco AnyConnect VPN clients for Windows, Mac, and Linux.  The current version has vulnerabilities that could be exploited, as well as an expired application certificate that might give errors during installation for those connecting to the VPN for the first time.

After August 27, any login to the VPN ( will automatically upgrade to the new version. A few things to note about this upgrade:

  • The Windows interface is unchanged and will look similar to the previous VPN client.
  • The Mac version has changed and now mimics the Windows version.  The functionality will be virtually the same, but the look and feel of the application interface has changed.
  • The VPN client is now branded with BU logos within the user interface.
  • For advanced VPN users, we have enabled the population of VPN endpoints in the client’s drop down list.  If you log in to multiple groups to connect to several applications (for example, you will notice that the drop down list will automatically populate with the names of the different groups that you log in to, after you connect to them for the first time. From that point on you, you will be able to select the group from the pull down instead of typing it in each time you connect.

If you have any questions or concerns about this VPN upgrade, please submit a Help request or contact the IT Help Center at 617-353-4357.