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Pre-symposium events
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Committee and symposium members
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Presenters and panelists
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Roundtable discussion
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Pre-Symposium Events

To investigate the concerns of the committee, pre-Symposium events were proposed to be held at various universities during the 2006-2007 academic year.  Position papers will be prepared for consideration at Tanglewood II and included in the final report.  Topics and universities that are holding events in 2006 and 2007 are as follows:

Event 1: North Carolina State University, Raleigh

March 24, 2007
Toward Tanglewood II: The Value of Music in Society and Education

Event 2: University of Connecticut, Storrs

February 3, 2007
Toward Tanglewood II: Transcending Boundaries

Event 3: UCLA
Toward Tanglewood II: Systemic Problems in Present Programs
Directions, Schedule, Participants
Questions for discussion for Underlying Tensions: An Examination of the Systemic Barriers to Excellence in Teacher Education.

Event 4: Arizona State University

September 20-22, 2007
Toward Tanglewood II: Psychology of the Learner of Music

Event 5: Columbia University

June 16-17, 2006
Toward Tanglewood II: Music as a People Centered Process
View a PDF flyer containing specific details of the event.

Event 6: Wayne State University

October 26-28, 2006
Toward Tanglewood II: Global Effects on Music Education

Event 7: University of Minnesota

April 5-7, 2007

Toward Tanglewood II: The Effects of Technology on Music Learning

Technology in Music Education ~ A Tanglewood II Satellite Symposium
and http://tanglewood.umn.edu

Event 8: Michigan State University
April 19 & 20, 2007
Pre-Tanglewood II Symposium: Music Education and Democracy

Within each event, efforts will be made to solicit input from all levels appropriate to the music learning process, especially from the grass roots, teachers, students and their parents.  Others in cultural and sociological studies, philosophy, science research (cognitive science, neurology, brain study, etc.), practitioners, other musicians, arts administrators and organizations, others in the community appropriate to the ongoing concerns of how people learn music, both informally and in schools.  A report will then be made to the Symposium, which will collate the data, listen to representatives from the various fields, and issue a report on the findings.