2007 Semi-Annual Sensor Network Consortium Member Meeting

with a focus on Environmental and Energy Management

Monday, June 4, 2007
9 am – 5:30 pm

Tentative Agenda

New Member Introduction, Amperion South East, David Healey, Vice President

Center for Coastal Environmental Sensing Networks (CESN), Bob Chen, Professor, Environmental Earth and Ocean Sciences, University of Massachusetts Boston

Sensor Network Deployment in Environments with Multiple Obstacles, Christos G. Cassandras, Professor, Manufacturing and Electrical and Computer Engineering, Boston University

Challenges and Opportunities in Ecological Monitoring, Thomas Kunz, Professor, Biology, Boston University

Wireless Innovation Center, Open Air Boston – Bridging the Digital Divide

Market Update, Glen Allmendinger, President, Harbor Research

Environmental Monitoring Demo: Soil Moisture Sensing, 15 Mote Network, Thomas Little, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Boston University

Removing the Limits to Efficiently Utilizable Clean Energy Generation: A WSN Pilot Study in the Reserve Services Markets Michael Caramanis, Professor, Manufacturing Engineering, Boston University

Poster Presentations – See list below


Poster Presentations

#3 Robust and Distributed Localization with Sensor Networks
Student: Dong Guo
Advisor: Y. Paschalidis

#15 Distributed Coverage Control in Environments with Polygonal Obstacles
Student: Minyi Zhong
Advisor: C. Cassandras

#32 A Joint Optimal Routing and Clustering Problem in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
Student: Shixin Zhuang
Advisor: C. Cassandras

#40 Rateless Codes for Data Dissemination in Sensor Networks
Students: Andrew Hagedorn
Advisor: A. Trachtenberg

#76 Optimal Transmission Scheduling Policies for Wireless Sensor Networks with Frequency Diversity
Student: Xiandong Song
Advisor: Y. Paschalidis

#80 Asymptotically Optimal Data Dissemination Policies for Multi-Channel, Single Radio Wireless Sensor Networks
Student: Weiyao Xiao
Advisors: D. Starobinski

#85 Research on Latency and Saturation Phenomena in Interconnection Networks
Student: Yelena Rykalova
Advisor: L. Levitin

#95 Efficient Field Monitoring by Autonomously Mobile Sensors
Student: Hany Morcos
Advisor: A. Bestavros, I. Matta

#99 The Selfish Neighbor Selection Problem in Overlay Networks
Student: Georgios Smaragdakis
Advisor: A. Bestavros
Collaborative Research with Nikolaos Laoutaris (Harvard), John W. Byers (BU) and Mema Roussopoulos (Harvard)

#102 Self-Organized Networks of Mobile Autonomous Agents
Student: Henri Aguesse
Advisors: H. Wang

#133 Statistical Power Management of Wireless Sensor Networks

Student: Xu Ning
Advisors: C. Cassandras

#137 A Rule Based Decision Making Framework for Sensor Networks
Student: Sowmya Manjanatha
Advisor: A. Bestavros

#139 On Distributed Field Reconstruction with Unreliable, Randomly Deployed, One-bit, Noisy Sensors
Student: Ye Wang
Advisor: P. Ishwar