Sensor Networks: Where Technologies Meet and Applications are Endless

Friday May 7, 2004
7:45 am – 4:00 pm
Photonics Center, 8 St Mary’s St, Brookline, MA

Sensor Networks – A large number of small devices with diverse characteristics and functions communicating wirelessly to control a variety of processes or systems

As sensor networks get deployed and become ubiquitous, what lies ahead is probably limited only by our ability to be creative in their use. Emerging applications abound in areas of retail, industry, healthcare, military and homeland security to name just a few.

Accelerated by emerging needs in these areas, several disciplines have collided to give birth to sensor networks:

  • Computing – Embedding powerful microprocessors almost everywhere
  • Manufacturing – Miniaturization of electronic and electromechanical devices (MEMS) producing tiny radio frequency-capable sensors that can be even embedded in tiny ball-bearings
  • Systems and control – Delivering control logic that is more robust and intelligent, tolerating uncertainty and harnessing systems with increasingly complex dynamics
  • Wireless communications – Running on any device, over any channel, from laptops and PDAs to satellites and free-space optical links

Please join today’s high tech industrial and academic community as we address some of the research developments, implementation challenges and application opportunities of sensor networks – a technology crossroads fueling the next application revolution.

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