3rd annual CISE Award at the Boston University Science and Engineering Research Symposium

Tuesday March 28, 20062006-symposium-winner

Congratulations to the CISE student award winners George Atia and Shuchin Aeron!

Complete CISE student participant list.

George Atia (pictured here on the left) won the Deans Award from the College of Engineering for his presentation entitled “Outage in Cooperative Wireless Networks.” Shuchin Aeron (on the right) won the CISE Award for his presentation entitled “Energy Efficient Policies for Distributed Target Tracking in Multi-hop Sensor Networks.” Both George and Shuchin are students of Professor Venkatesh Saligrama of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department.

In addition, two CISE Honorable Mention winners will be announced on April 7 at 1:15 pm (Pizza Lunch) just prior to the 2:00 pm CISE Seminar.

Posters were judged by CISE affiliated faculty, Professors Bestavros, Sharif and Vakili.