Systems Faculty Research Workshop

10:00 am – 4:00 pm Room 210
4:00 pm – 6:00 pm CISE New Years Reception, West End Lounge, 9th Floor

The purpose of the CISE Faculty Workshop is to enhance mutual understanding of faculty research interests and directions, thereby furthering collaborations and proposal initiatives. As space is available, graduate students will be invited to participate.


9:30 am Breakfast

10:00 am Azer Bestavros, Professor, Computer Science
Network Creation Games

10:25 am Christos G. Cassandras, Professor, Manufacturing Engineering and Electrical and Computer Engineering
Sensor Network Coverage Control

10:50 am Mark Crovella, Professor, Computer Science
Whole-Network Anomaly Detection

11:15 am Eric Kolacyzk, Associate Professor, Mathematics and Statistics
Network Filtering

11:40 am Abraham Matta, Associate Professor, Computer Science
Transport Network Policies

12:05 pm – 1:15 pm Lunch (Room 210)

1:15 pm Sean Andersson, Assistant Professor, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Cooperation without Communication

1:40 pm Erol Pekoz, Associate Professor, School of Management, Operations Management
Forward Coupling from the Past

2:05 pm Prakash Ishwar, Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Information-Theoretic Performance Limits and Algorithms for Signal Processing Applications

2:30 pm Pirooz Vakili, Associate Professor, Manufacturing Engineering
New Strategies for Efficient Monte Carlo Simulation

2:55 pm Yannis Paschalidis, Associate Professor, Manufacturing Engineering
A New Optimization Strategy for Protein Docking

3:20 pm – 4:00 pm Discussion: Proposal ideas for 2008
4:00 pm – 6:00 pm Reception, 9th Floor West End Lounge