OLD-Communications & Networking-


Device and sensor networks, the epitome of a pervasive technology, areĀ  shaping many activities in our society with an array of applications ranging from building automation and homeland security to manufacturing, robotics and healthcare. These networks and the new revolution of their applications stem from the convergence of technologies being taught and researched here at Boston University. The Sensor Network Consortium, a collaboration with industry, is focused on driving research in the burgeoning space of sensor networks.

Affiliated faculty aim at addressing critical and emerging systems-level issues in communication and sensor networks and systems. To that end, they draw upon a strong methodological base in systems and control theory, probability and stochastic processes, optimization, information theory, and operations research.

Significant contributions have been made in a variety of areas including Quality of Service (QoS) provisioning in broadband communication networks, performance analysis and simulation of communication systems, pricing and resource allocation, security, and all-optical network design.

Faculty in this research area include: Azer Bestavros, Jeffrey Carruthers, Christos Cassandras, Ayse Coskun, Mark Crovella, Prakash Ishwar, Eric Kolaczyk, Lev Levitan, Thomas Little, Abraham Matta, James Perkins, Venkatesh Saligrama, David Starobinski and Ari Trachtenberg.