Resident Scholars 2014-2015

The Center for Information & Systems Engineering (CISE) at Boston University is proud to announce the CISE Resident Scholar program.

Renowned scientists and scholars visit Boston University on a short-term basis, ranging from a few weeks to one year, for collaborative research interactions with CISE affiliated faculty.

We accept applications from faculty or scientists worldwide. To be considered you must apply to the CISE Director.

For more information about the program or to apply please contact Yannis Paschalidis, CISE Director.


Marios Polycarpou, University of Cyprus April 1–April 16, 2015

CISE Seminar April 8, 2015

Robust Sensor Fault Detection and Isolation in Cyber-Physical Systems

CISE Seminar April 13, 2015

Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis in Smart Buildings


Amir Leshem, Bar-Ilan University February 8–February 21, 2015

CISE Seminar February 11, 2015

Signal Processing for Radio Astronomical Image Formation

CISE Seminar February 18, 2015

Game Theoretic Approaches to Spectrum Management in Wireless Networks

Digital Printing System

Erol Gelenbe, Imperial College September 22–October 11, 2014

CISE Seminar: Sept. 24, 2014

Energy, QoS and Energy-Harvesting in Computation and Communications
View Seminar Slides

CISE Seminar: October 6, 2014

Stochastic Discrete Event Networks with Product Form: View Seminar Slides