Erol Peköz


PhD, University of California, Berkeley, 1995

Operations and Technology Management Department
School of Management

Division of Systems Engineering
College of Engineering

Contact Information:

595 Commonwealth Ave.
Room 607

Research interests:

• Applied probability
• Stochastic processes
• Queueing theory
• Rare events
• Monte Carlo simulation
• Risk management
• Statistics
• Operations management

Courses taught:

GSM IS 814 Data Mining
GSM OM 921 Technology Innovation
GSM QM 716 Data Analysis for Managerial Decision-Making
GSM QM 875 Introduction to Modeling in Excel

Abbreviated CV:

Erol Peköz has a BS degree from Cornell University, and MS and Ph.D degrees in Operations Research from University of California, Berkeley. Working in the area of Quantitative Methods, Professor Peköz studies stochastic problems in Finance and Operations Management. His work appears in academic journals such as Journal of Applied Probability, Statistics and Probability Letters, Queueing Systems: Theory and Applications, Probability in the Engineering and Informational Sciences, and Statistics in Medicine. He has conducted research funded by the Department of Health and Human Services, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, as well as by the the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. He has also worked as a consultant. Prior to coming to Boston University in 1999, Professor Peköz taught at UCLA and also at UC Berkeley, where he received an award for outstanding instruction. At Boston University he was awarded the 2001 Broderick Prize for Teaching, and was awarded tenure in 2003.

Please visit Erol Peköz’ personal and departmental web pages and CISE Research pages on Production/Supply Chain Systems for more information about his research interests.