Resident Scholars 2015-2016

The Center for Information & Systems Engineering (CISE) at Boston University is proud to announce the CISE Resident Scholar program.

Renowned scientists and scholars visit Boston University on a short-term basis, ranging from a few weeks to one year, for collaborative research interactions with CISE affiliated faculty.

We accept applications from faculty or scientists worldwide. To be considered you must apply to the CISE Director.

For more information about the program or to apply please contact Yannis Paschalidis, CISE Director.

CISE Resident Scholar Information

Panagiotis Papadimitratos, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden May 27- June 10, 2016

CISE Seminar, June 3
Secure Communication in Wireless Networks 

CISE Seminar, June 10
Security and Privacy for Emerging Large-Scale Mobile Systems

Sidharth Jaggi, The Chinese University of Hong Kong May 18-25, 2016


CISE Seminar, May 18
Between Shannon and Hamming: Codes Against Causal Adversaries

CISE Seminar, May 25
Deniable/Covert/Stealthy/LPD Communication

Ness Shroff, The Ohio State University  March 18-25, 2016

CISE Seminar, March 25, 2016
Minimizing Latency in Cloud Based Systems: Replication Over Parallel Servers

P.R. Kumar, Texas A&M  November 18–25, 2015


CISE Seminar November 20, 2015
A Clean Slate Approach to Provable Security for Wireless Networking

CISE Seminar, November 23, 2015
Demand Response: Architectures, Strategies and Theories