CISE Testimonials

 AhnerDDarryl K. Ahner
Director, DoD Scientific Test & Analysis, Air Force Institute of Technology
in Systems Engineering, Boston University

“I came to BU for the flexibility in pursuing solutions to real-world systems engineering problems. The program has quality faculty who research in a broad spectrum of quantitative challenges facing industry and government. They immediately impressed me by taking an active interest in me and making me aware of research opportunities.”

YinChen_croppedYin Chen
R&D Scientist, Proctor & Gamble
in Systems Engineering, Boston University

“In some ways, the world of Systems Engineering at BU is simple and compact. You walk down the hallway and everyone knows everyone. People are close—students stop by other labs to watch a demo or sit in other groups’ discussions; professors are available and welcome your questions whether they are your advisor or not.

On the other hand, the CISE view of the world is broad and deep. Thanks to the cross-departmental nature of CISE, we share a variety of interesting topics everyday. The fact that my PhD research spans from sensor networks to protein docking is a best example for such diversity.”

Shixin (Brenda) ZhuangShixin (Brenda) Zhuang
Senior Software Engineer, Mathworks
in Systems Engineering, Boston University

“I have benefited immensely from the excellent faculty and the different backgrounds of my fellow students. The systems engineering view of the world enables me to work on complicated models and solve problems with sophisticated methods. I believe graduate study here will be an important contributor to my future career.”

CISEVENTYanfeng Geng
Software Development Engineer, Amazon

PhD Candidate in Systems Engineering, Boston University

“As a PhD student for the past four years, CISE has provided resources to help me implement and present my research ideas. CISE has also made it easy to communicate with faculty members from different departments within BU.

As a CISE seminar student host, I saw the positive impact that these seminars have on students and faculty.”

fac_web_littleThomas Little
Professor, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering and Department of Systems Engineering, College of Engineering, Boston University
Associate Director, Smart Lighting ERC
Associate Dean of Educational Initiatives, College of Engineering, Boston University

“CISE helps interdisciplinary researchers to bridge organizational units at Boston University. CISE creates the opportunity for faculty to  seek technical challenges with societal impact in a diverse set of applications. CISE has been excellent at facilitating interactions with diverse stakeholders on campus and with industry.”

Benjamin Lubin_croppedBenjamin Lubin
Assistant Professor, Department of Information Systems, Questrom School of Business, Boston University

“CISE provides a forum that exposes us to a diverse set of related and ongoing work, thereby opening the possibility for new scientific connections to be made and new collaborations to be started.”