CISE Seminar: December 7, 2018, Priya Nagpurkar – I.B.M T.J. Watson Research Center

8 St. Mary’s Street, PHO 211
3:00pm-4:00pm – Refreshments at 2:45pm

Priya Nagpurkar

I.B.M, T.J. Watson Research Center




Next Generation Secure Multi-cloud Platform

As more and more enterprises buy into the value of cloud based development, deployment and management, the complex needs of enterprise workloads are reshaping the cloud. There is also an increasing gap in the technologies and tools available to program, secure, monitor and manage cloud native applications as a whole (as opposed to individual micro-services). In this talk, I will first describe the key characteristics of emerging cloud-based enterprise solutions and their implications on the cloud platform. I will then provide an overview of the broad areas of research in the Cloud Platform department, followed by a more in-depth view of how analytics and machine learning are being applied to improve security, resiliency, availability and capacity of the cloud platform as well as the applications that run on it.

Priya Nagpurkar is the director of cloud platform research at I.B.M.’s T.J. Watson Research Center. Her team works on all interesting aspects of the cloud platform — from secure containers and cloud native application runtimes to multicloud DevOps and cloud programming models. Her previous work at IBM focused on characterizing and optimizing emerging workloads across different layers of the application and system stack, with an emphasis on language runtimes and processor architecture and design. Priya received her Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of California, Santa Barbara in September 2007.

Faculty Host: Ayse Coskun
Student Host: 
Rebecca Swaszek