CISE Student Research Posters – 2011

FIRST PRIZE: Joseph Wang, Sonal Ambwani
HONORABLE MENTION: Ajay Kumar Bangla, Zachary Sun, Kirill Trapeznikov

Student Research
Category: Biotechnology and Health Science and Engineering
Zhang_TNN0. 10
Name: Zhang, Yuting
Advisor: T. Little
“Continuous Function Activity Monitoring based on Wearable Tri-Axial Accelerometer and Gyroscope.”
Category: Computer Systems & Networking
Bangla_TNN0. 14
Name: Bangla Kumar, Ajay
Advisor: D. Castanon
Honorable Mention
“Distributed Algorithms for Nonlinear Resource Allocation”
Chau_TNN0. 16
Name: Chau, Jimmy
Advisor: T. Little
“Threats to and Defenses for Safety-Critical Networks of Cooperative Vehicles”
N0. 19
Name: Esposito, Flavio
Advisor: I. Matta
“Prototyping RINA: A Clean-slate Recursive InterNetwork Architecture”
N0. 20
Name: Geng, Yanfeng
Advisor: C. Cassandras
“Dynamic Resource Allocation in Urban Settings: A \Smart Parking\ Approach”
Gursun_TNN0. 21
Name: Gursun, Gonca
Advisor: M. Crovella
“On Traffic Matrix Completion in the Internet”
Huang_TNN0. 22
Name: Huang, Fuzhuo
Advisor: I. Paschalidis
“A Distributed Polynomial-time algorithm for Obtaining Effective Solutions to the Maximum weighted Independent Set Problem”
N0. 24
Name: Ishakian, Vatche
Advisor: A. Bestavros
“MORPHOSYS: Efficient Colocation of QoS-Constrained Workloads in the Cloud”
N0. 25
Name: Ishakian, Vatche
Advisor: I. Matta
“On Supporting Mobility and Multihoming in Recursive Internet Architectures”
Jin_TNN0. 26
Name: Jin, Jiaxi
Advisor: A. Trachtenberg
“Priority-based Synchronization of Distributed Data”
N0. 27
Name: Kebarighotbi, Ali
Advisor: C. Cassandras
“Control of Timeout in Distributed Systems Using Perturbation Analysis”
N0. 28
Name: Kumar, Rohit
Advisor: D. Castanon
“Advanced Traveler Information System with Communication Constraints”
Lahijanian_TNN0. 30
Name: Lahijanian, Morteza
Advisor: S. Andersson, C. Belta
“Finite Markov Abstraction of Stochastic Systems”
Y_Lin_TNN0. 31
Name: Lin, Yingwei
Advisor: I. Paschalidis
“A Reward Collection Problem for Mobile Agents in a Dynamic Mission Space”
Lin_THN0. 32
Name: Lin, Xuchao
Advisor: C. Cassandras
“An Optimal Control Approach to Persistent Monitoring”
Meng_THN0. 35
Name: Meng, Jie
Advisor: A. Coskun, A. Joshi
“Energy Management of Manycore Systems through Reconfigurable Interconnects”
Moazzez Estanjini_TNN0. 36
Name: Estanjini Moazzez, Reza
Advisor: I. Paschalidis
“Improved Delay-Minimized Data Harvesting with Mobile Elements in Wireless Sensor Networks”
N0. 37
Name: Motamedvaziri, Delaram
Advisor: V. Saligrama
“High dimensional Learning”
N0. 38
Name: Rahaim, Michael
Advisor: T. Little
“Software Defined Visible Light Communication”
N0. 41
Name: Shang, Jizong
Advisor: C. Cassandras
“Self-Localization of Mobile Wireless Sensors Deployed in a Building”
N0. 42
Name: Skowyra, Richard
Advisor: A. Bestavros
“The Zenith Attack: Vulnerabilities and Countermeasures”
N0. 45
Name: Wang, Tao
Advisor: C. Cassandras
“Optimal Control of Multi-Battery Energy-aware Systems”
N0. 46
Name: Wang, Joseph
Advisor: D. Castanon & V. Saligrama
First Prize
“Kernelizing Low-Rank Representation and Learning”
Category: Electronic and Mechanical Devices and Instrumentation
N0. 53
Name: Chang, Peter
Advisor: S. Andersson
“Local Raster Scanning for High Speed Imaging of Biopolymers in Atomic Force Microscopy”
Category: Photonics Acoustics & Imaging
Ambwani_TNN0. 142
Name: Ambwani, Sonal
Advisor: W. Clem Karl
First Prize
“Joint Motion Correction and Super-resolution based reconstruction in Coronary PET/CT Imaging”
Chen_TNN0. 145
Name: Chen, Ke
Advisor: D. Castanon
“Robust Multifrequency Inversion in Terahertz Diffraction Tomography”
Eger_TNN0. 147
Name: Eger, Limor
Advisor: W. Clem Karl
“A Learning-based Method for Improved Explosives Detection Using Multi-energy X-ray Computed Tomography”
Sun_TNN0. 152
Name: Sun, Zachary
Advisor: W. Clem Karl
Honorable Mention
“Non-Rotational Tomography for Luggage Scanning using Krylov Methods”
Trapeznikov_TNN0. 153
Name: Trapeznikov, Kirill
Advisor: D. Castanon, V. Saligrama
Honorable Mention
“Active Boosted Learning”
Category: Systems Biology, Computational Biology, Genomics & Bioinformatics
N0. 168
Name: Guilhem, Richard
Advisor: C. Belta
“Controlling the Outcomes of the TLR Signaling Pathway in Homo sapiens and Mus musculus”
N0. 171
Name: Mirzaei, Hanieh
Advisor: P. Vakili
“Efficient Local Optimization for Protein Docking”