Agenda-CGSW 4.0

Begins Ends Talk Title Presenter
9:15AM 9:45AM Breakfast
9:45AM 9:50AM Event Overview  Xi Yu, CGSW Organizer
9:50AM 10:00AM Opening Remarks Ioannis Paschalidis, CISE Director, Professor ECE, SE,BME
Session 1: Data Science 
10:00AM 10:20AM Dynamic Causal Network with Multi-scale Temporal Structure VOTE
Xinyu Kang
10:20AM 10:40AM Diagnosing Performance Variations in HPC Applications Using Machine LearninVOTE
Ozan Tuncer
10:40AM 11:00AM Morning Break
Session 2: Control
11:00AM 11:20 AM Geometric Control of Quadrotors and Contraction Analysis VOTE Bee Vang
11:20AM 11:40AM Formal Methods for Adaptive Control VOTE Sadra Sadraddini
11:40AM 12:00PM

State-Dependent Sampling and Control

Xiangyu Meng
(Post-doctural researcher)

12:00PM 12:20PM New CISE faculty
Roberto  Tron
(Assistant Professor, ME)
12:20PM 1:20PM LUNCH: Lobby of 15 St. Mary’s St.
Session 3: Optimization
1:20PM 1:40PM Optimal Event-Driven Multi-Agent Persistent Monitoring of a Finite Set of Targets VOTE
Nan Zhou
1:40PM 2:00PM Delay Model of Multi-intersection Traffic Light Control Using Infinitesimal Perturbation Analysis VOTE
Rui Chen
2:00PM 2:20PM Optimal Allocation of Metabolic Functions among Organisms in a Microbial Ecosystem VOTE
Taiyao Wang
2:20PM 2:40PM New CISE faculty Alex  Olshevsky
(Assistant Professor, ME, SE)
2:40PM 3:00PM BREAK
Session 4: Smart Cities
3:00PM 3:20PM Invited Speaker, MIT
Francesca  Parise
(Post-doctural researcher)
3:20PM 3:40PM Bike Sharing System Inventory Management: Receding Horizon Control Routing and Incentives VOTE
Rebecca  Swaszek
3:40PM 4:00PM Optimal Control of Connected Automated Vehicles at Urban Traffic Intersections VOTE
Yue Zhang
4:00PM 4:20PM Strategic Behavior in Energy and Reserve Co-optimizing Markets with the Participation of Distributed Energy Resources VOTE
Selin Yanikara
4:30 PM 6:00PM Reception-BU Castle, 225 Bay State Road