Academic Programs for CISE Affiliated Students


CISE affiliated faculty and their students come from a wide range of academic units including: Dept of Computer Science, Division of Systems Engineering,  Dept of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Dept of Math/Statistics and Dept of Mechanical Engineering.  A student who is in a Masters or PhD program in any of these departments and who works with a CISE  affiliated faculty can participate in the CISE community.

By joining CISE  students get the benefits of being part of a community working on applying rigorous quantitative approaches to solve problems that apply to a wide range of environments, including industry, academic research, non-profit and government. A graduate student who is working with a CISE affiliated faculty, can join  simply by submitting their name, professor and department to our online registration page.

Students who are considering a graduate degree in the field of information and systems engineering can explore the programs, and apply through the links below:

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