Congratulations to Jessica Morrison, Innovator at Cyclotron Road

Jessica Morrison, postdoctoral researcher in Professor Thomas Little’s (ECE, SE) laboratory, and as part of the NSF ERC for Lighting Enabled Systems and Applications (LESA), has been selected as one of the third cohort of innovators at Cyclotron Road.

Article by Sara Cody

Jessica Morrison, Founder HeluxThe invention of the light bulb paved the way for humans to conquer the darkness; effectively severing the dependence on the sun to provide productive working hours for humans. Recent advances in materials research are now providing new ways to render light that are healthier, more satisfying, and more energy efficient. Jessica Morrison (PhD’16) aims to change how people use light with her new startup company, Helux Lighting, by using these materials advances to tailor light color, intensity, and direction to meet personal needs. Read more…..