Wenbo He, CISE Industry Roundtable Speaker

UnknownWenbo He, senior software engineer at Mathworks, was the CISE industry roundtable guest on Wednesday, April 12, 2017. Speaking to a room of CISE PhD students, He described the corporate culture at Mathworks as open, flexible, friendly and most importantly, one that encourages employees to learn from each other.

While at BU, He earned his PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering in 2016. He’s faculty advisor, Bobak Nazer, described He as someone who is “full of energy and excitement” and one who “can convince and proves that he is the right guy for the job.” He had multiple offers upon graduation and decided to join Mathworks. He believed Mathworks would offer him opportunities to learn from people working in a range of areas from wireless communication, to quantum physics, to computer science.

At Mathworks, He said that employees cannot “rush to make contributions when you start working there. Mathworks is more inclined to educate and train you first. You don’t look at code all day. It is more important to talk to people around you and get input.” He believes that this open development environment makes Mathworks an engaging work environment.

He offered valuable advice to students. When interviewees are presenting to potential employers, it is important to “present the value of the problem. Then, provide some basic concepts, and pull out the details by getting to the higher level of the concept”.