CISE Resident Scholar: Invitation for Expression of Interest

The Center for Information and Systems Engineering (CISE) at Boston University invites nominations and expressions of interest for the position of CISE Resident Scholar.

The purpose of the CISE Resident Scholarship is to host emerging or eminent scientists in the Boston University campus on a short-term basis (from a few weeks up to one year) for collaborative research interactions with CISE affiliated faculty.

Faculty members or scientists in any institution worldwide are eligible to be considered for this position. CISE Resident Scholars are required to be in residence in CISE during the term of the appointment. They will be provided with an office and the Center will reimburse them for local living expenses and travel between Boston University and their home institution for an amount that does not exceed $20,000 per semester. They will have no teaching duties, although they are encouraged to deliver seminars, lead discussion groups, and engage with CISE faculty and students. Interested individuals can contact the CISE Director, Yannis Paschalidis,

About CISE: CISE is an inter-disciplinary research center bringing together faculty and students across Boston University with research interests in information and systems engineering methodologies and their relevance to a diverse set of application domains encompassing the design, analysis, control, and management of complex systems. The Center has 39 affiliated faculty, more than 100 affiliated graduate students and on the order of $6.6 million of annual research expenditures from sponsored research directed by CISE faculty. CISE faculty affiliated members have homes in a number of academic units at Boston University including Engineering (Electrical & Computer, Mechanical, Biomedical, and Systems), Math and Statistics, Computer Science, and the School of Management.

PDF Description: CISE Resident Scholar

Ioannis Ch. Paschalidis

Professor and Distinguished Faculty Fellow
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Division of Systems Engineering
and Department of Biomedical Engineering
Director, Center for Information and Systems Engineering (CISE)
Boston University
8 St. Mary’s Street
Boston, MA 02215