June 9, 2014: Synthetic Biology Boston (SB2)

March 29 2014: CoSBi website: soft launch

February 2014
Assistant Professor Douglas Densmore and Dr. Swapnil Bhatia represented CIDAR and Lattice Automation at the NSF I-Corps program, which helps engineers bring their ideas into the marketplace by providing training and grant money.
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Choas podcast interview with Professor Jim Collins where he discusses the Focus Issue on Quantitative Approaches to Genetic Networks
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January 2014
Prism Up Close feature on "The Silver Bullet"
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December 2013
Serious Science video lecture by Professor Jim Collins on genetic toggle switch in E. coli, bacteriophage, and engineered probiotics
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November 2013
Assistant Professor Ahmad Khalil receives an NSF Career Award
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Publication Highlights

Way JC, Collins JJ, Keasling JD, Silver PA. Integrating biological redesign: where synthetic biology came from and where it needs to go. Cell 157: 151-161 (2014). D. M. Densmore and S. Bhatia, "Bio-design automation: software + biology + robots," Trends in Biotechnology, vol. 32, iss. 3, pp. 111-113, 2014.

Albert R, Collins JJ and Glass L. Introduction to Focus Issue: Quantitative approaches to genetic networks. Chaos 23: 25001 (2013).

Ahmad S. Khalil, Caleb J. Bashor and Timothy K. Lu. Engineering Life. The Scientist, August 1, 2013.

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