What You’re Doing

We want to know what individuals and groups are doing to make the University and the world more sustainable. Stories will be featured in our Green Box and hopefully, be an inspiration to visitors of this site. Have a story? Please contact us.

Sophia Michael, a member of the Harriet Richards Cooperative House, is trying to encourage composting in dorms. In this Q&A she tells us her thoughts on sustainability.
10 Facilities Management on the Medical Campus welcomes its first sustainability intern, Ryan McLaughlin. Ryan, who is already an Sustainability@BU team member, will be working on the Medical Campus advising on sustainability related issues.
SIDEWALK Robinson Fulweiler, a CAS assistant professor of earth and environment and of biology, studies how the chemical changes in coastal ecosystems might affect marine resources.
8 Aaron Freed and Benny Soto founded Project Robinhood to help save the environment and money by recycling and fixing old computers.
7 Adam Taylor (MBA’13) unites his head for business and his passion for the planet by investing in green and sustainable assets.
6 National Academy of Inventors elects four BU professors, Mark Grinstaff, Theodore Moustakas, Barbara Gilchrest, and James Collins for their valuable discoveries.
BIOLOGY CAS professor of biology Richard Primack and postdoctoral researcher Elizabeth Ellwood (GRS’12) study how climate change affects flower blooming.
TEMPLER CAS associate professor of biology Pamela Templer studies how shrinking snow cover affects the robustness and future of New England forests.
3 BU welcomes Elijah Ercolino as the new Director of Building Automation Systems for Facilities Management & Planning. Elijah is dedicated to reduce BU’s energy consumption by upgrading building automation systems across the University.
2 Sustainability@BU welcomes its new Outreach Coordinator, Lisa Tornatore, who will be in charge of sustainability programs and raise awareness of sustainability on campus.
honeybees Bill Murray, plumbing department manager who is also a beekeeper and the advisor to BU’s Beekeeper’s Club, saved the day when honeybees crashed the 139th commencement.
cgs small 2 Thinking outside the box… or bucket, the Community Service Club at the College of General Studies got faculty and staff to turn in their trashcans and think twice before they threw anything away.
Nathan Phillips Going Green CAS Professor Nathan Phillips melds personal, professional passions. Learn how he uses human power to live off the grid in “Living Green
Robbie Choate PS Robbie Choate spent much of last semester on the roof of the Metcalf Science Center. His energy setback project, inspired by Professor Michael Gevelber’s class, resulted in saving the University money and CO2.
Beehive Liz Peyton (CAS ’11), Patrick Jiang  (School of Law ’11), Lydia Glenn (CAS ’13) and Chris Hall (ENG’13) are among the founding members of the BU Beekeepers Club.
Michael Mann Michael Mann recently finished building a bamboo bike. Mann, a doctoral candidate in the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences department of geography and environment, says his creations come from the enjoyment of working with his hands, with an added bonus that they help save the environment.
Cutler Cleveland Listen to Cutler Cleveland, a CAS professor of geography and environment, discuss the ecological damage caused by BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill