What You’re Doing


BU is a world-class research institution whose researchers are seeking to inspire the next generation of problem solvers. These dedicated researchers are helping us to better understand climate change and to develop practical solutions.

CAS biology professor Pam Templer explains her work studying the urban greenscape and its effects on climate change.

MET professor Madhu Dutta-Koehler explains her work with climate projections to make BU’s campus more resilient.

ENG professor Michael Gevelber explains how he and his students study buildings on campus to improve energy efficiency.

CAS professor Ian Sue Wing explains how his work helps to determine the economic implications of climate change.

CAS professor and researcher Suchi Gopal explains how her work in mapping and GIS is helping local stakeholders, and other researchers, make informed decisions on mitigating climate change.

Questrom professor Nalin Kulatilaka explains how his research into financing energy projects may help home owners.

PhD student Andrew Trlica explains how his work studying the ecology of cities is helping us plan for the future.

SPH professor and researcher Jon Levy explains how his work helps people to understand the health benefits of investing in clean energy.