The Green Classroom

Classrooms frequently serve as a college student’s second home. Taking a few mindful steps can help reduce energy waste, make a room more comfortable, and be a starting point in developing lifelong habits. While some of the tips provided could most certainly fall into the category of common sense, we prefer not to take any potential actions for granted. If you have any more to add to the mix, please email us with your suggestions.

Go Natural

  • Lift shades to bring in natural light and switch off overhead lights
  • If replacing personal light bulbs, use compact fluorescents
  • Inquire about installing motion detectors

Smart Electronics

  • Take advantage of energy saving computer settings
  • Set all printers to double sided default
  • Invest in a Smart Strip power strip to reduce phantom power or vampire energy loss
  • Use an online syllabus system and post assignments and study tools online
  • Have students submit homework and essays electronically when possible

Green Purchasing

  • Encourage students to rent books from vendors such as, or buy from used sites like
  • When purchasing paper goods, opt for recycled items
  • Buy in bulk, as this reduces fuel consumption during shipping
  • If using cleaning products in the classroom, choose ‘Green” companies, such as Ecover, Method, or Seventh Generation, that do not use phosphates, which pollute waters and ruin ecosystems, or petrochemicals, which are made from petroleum or carbon.