Bring Your Own Mug

The average American office worker uses 500 disposable cups a year, or 1.4 per day. Americans throw away 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour.  Help reduce this waste by using a reusable mug or bottle. Starbucks, Campus Convenience, and other local vendors, offer discounts on coffee if you bring your own mug.


The BU community used over 1.2 million single-use paper coffee cups in 2011 alone!

Since 2009, sustainability@BU has provided reusable coffee mugs to community members who sign up to Join The Challenge, a monthly competition to reduce our environmental footprint. Mugs are offered at the annual Comm Ave Fair and Sustainability Festival, both in September.

Don’t forget to buzz Hug A Mug in the sustainability@BU App every time you use your mug.

Bring a reusable coffee mug to the following campus locations and save 25¢:

Starbucks – 700 Commonwealth Ave
Starbucks – 775 Commonwealth Ave – George Sherman Union
Starbucks – 595 Commonwealth Ave – 2nd Floor Questrom
Breadwinners – 595 Commonwealth Ave – 2nd Floor Questrom
Dunkin Donuts – 10 Buick Street – Buick Street Market
Einstein’s – 685 Commonwealth Ave – Lower Level, CAS
Rhett’s at Union Court – 775 Commonwealth Ave – George Sherman Union
Rize — 100 Bay State Rd
Law School Café – 765 Commonwealth Ave
Hillel Granby St. Café – 213 Bay State Rd
Healthy Blends – 915 Commonwealth Ave – inside FitRec

BU Dining Services offers $0.25 discount for all coffee and tea beverages

City Convenience offers any size coffee in your own mug for $1 at all locations:

City Convenience – 700 Commonwealth Ave
City Convenience – 775 Commonwealth Ave – George Sherman Union
City Convenience – 957 Commonwealth Ave
City Convenience – 700 Albany St
City Convenience – 275 Commonwealth Ave

Other locations that offer a discount on/near campus:

Pavement Coffeehouse
Blue State Coffee