USGBC Students

USGB Students

U.S. Green Building Council Student Groups encourage students to better their campuses by giving back to their communities, promoting sustainability, and getting involved with “green building” construction on campus.

USGBC at Boston University allows both graduate and undergraduate students to contribute to BU’s mission to encourage sustainable construction and renovation building projects.  Members also get great benefits such as reduced students rates for LEED AP certification, networking and career support, seminars, and campaign resources.

The BU chapter of USGBC Students will work to better campus life for students through creative and fun means.  Events for the club may involve recycling contests between schools, energy audits on campus buildings, community service, and involvement in promoting LEED certification for BU buildings.

Unlike other sustainability clubs, USGBC Students connects the next generation of leaders to the green building movement and sustainable design industry by encouraging students to transform their communities.

USGBC Students at Boston University are connecting with the USGBC Massachusetts Professional Chapter and the Emerging Professionals Committee to further strengthen the connection between students and working professionals. USGBC Students hope to collaborate on events in the near future, including volunteer opportunities, speaker series, and LEED building involvement. Visit and sign up to receive the USGBC MA newsletter (free membership for students).

USGBC Students at Boston University’s Measurements of Success:

  1. Student participation in the LEED Green Associate examination
  2. Involvement with the MA Chapter and Emerging Professionals
  3. Career paths related to green technology and green buildings
  4. Raise campus awareness of LEED and BU Sustainability accomplishments

USGB Students