USGBC Students

USGB Students

USGBC Students provides exposure for undergraduate and graduate students in the field of green buildings. At meeting members will gain knowledge about why green buildings are important in their lives as well as how they impact the community. Those who wish to become LEED accredited can also attend group study sessions to prepare for the LEED accreditation exam.

Beyond meetings and study sessions, students will have the opportunity to gain firsthand experience from events such as speaker series and LEED building tours. Additionally, we will host and attend networking events with the USGBC Massachusetts Chapter to engage with sustainability professionals and advocate for meaningful change in Boston. As a member of USGBC Students you will be a part of a network of emerging green-building leaders in the Boston University community.

For more information visit USGBC Students, send an email to the Boston University Chapter, or visit them on Twitter and Facebook.