Global Water Brigades

Pictured: A few of the GWB members presenting what they do and explaining their “why water?” question at Splash in 2018.

 Pictured: The January 2019 Water Brigade in Luminapa, Honduras. The Brigade is standing on the site of where the tank for the water project they worked on will be constructed.

BU’s Global Water Brigades (GWB) works as part of a national non-profit group that improves the health and well-being of communities in Honduras by implementing sustainable clean water systems in local communities. Students in GWB work on campus and in Honduras to develop and act on ideas about sustainable development and water-related issues. Their mission is to empower communities to access clean water through infrastructural development, water treatment, education, and community leader training.

Volunteers who wish to go to Honduras do not need prior experience in water engineering since there are always engineers on site to inform volunteers about best practices and safety precautions while building water systems. For more information, visit the Global Water Brigades Facebook page.