Sustainability Liaisons


The Sustainability Liaison program was created to promote campus sustainability through peer-to-peer awareness within each of the schools and colleges as well as many administrative departments on both the Charles River Campus and the Boston University Medical Campus. The Liaisons are made up of faculty, staff, and graduate students.

Sustainability Liaisons represent every school and college. They meet quarterly with sustainability@BU to improve communication on campus sustainability issues, discuss potential projects within individual schools, and share challenges, solutions, and successes. Through the partnership between sustainability@BU, Sustainability Liaisons, and Facilities Management & Planning, overnight building lighting has been tremendously reduced and the Trash Buddy program has been implemented in all offices on the Charles River Campus. The Medical Campus Trash Buddy installation is ongoing.

Additional responsibilities include:

  • Promoting the Green Office and Green Department certification programs
  • Tracking/reporting of sustainability initiatives at the departmental level
  • Educating colleagues regarding best practices
  • Disseminating information, such as monthly marketing materials